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Hindi Virkavy Tikmsingh Tomar Hindustani Ekedemi
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Aadhunik Bhvbodh Kee Sangya Aamrty Ray  
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Kay Bhulu Kay Yad Karu Bachan Published
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Bhartiye Sahitay Ke Etihas Ke Samasaya Ram Velashas Sharma Bharatiya Sahitya Ke Itihas Ki Samastyen
Vinay Patika Malti Sasatri Primal Published
Praaadhunik Manovigayan Or Hindi Sahitay Gangadhar Jha Radha Krisan Published
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Tisara Yathrth Shambhunath Prabha Prakahan
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Hindi Sahitya Aur Bihar Sri Shivpujan Sahay Bihar Rastra Bhasa Parishad
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Bengal Past & Present   Jovrnal Of The Calcutta Historical Society
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An Anthology Of Modern Bengli Short Stories Enakshi Chatterjee Prayer Book
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Gosvami Tulsidas Ramdat Bhrdvj Bhrti Sahity Mandir
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Manas Anusandhan Mahavir Prasad Srivastav Hindi Ttha Aadhunik Bhartiy
Hindee Aoupnyasik Kthanko Ke Mool Strot Dr Sreenarayan Singh Vibhooti Prkashan
Pirdan Lalas Granthawali Agarchand Naita Sadul Rajasthani Reasearch
Dushri Prampara Ki Khoj Namvar Singh Rajkamal Prakashan
Dhavani-Shidhant Aur Vyanjnavriti:Vivechan: Dr Gyaprsad Upadhyay Shastri Sarswatee Pustak Sadan
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Chitrangda Sumitranandan Pant K. G. Marg
Ekankee Dono Snehmayee Chaudhree Rajkamal Prkashan
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Counseling Process And Procedures James C. Hansen Macmillan Publishing
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Ramchrit Mans Me Bhkti Dr. Katynarayan Sharma Sarsvti Book Sadan
Madrim Vikram Singh Bhadant Anand Kausalyayan Hindi Pracharak Sansthan
Dauniki Srisiyaramsharn Gupta Sahity Sadan
Premchandotar Kahani Sahitya Dr. Radhesyam Gupta Vimal Prakashan
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Sahitya Chintan Raj Kumar Verma Kitab Mahal Pvt Ltd
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Sath Se Uthta Aadmee G. M. Muktibodh Bhrtiye Gyanpith Prakashan
Kalidasa An Assessment By Anandavardhana Dr. P. K. Narayana Pillai Vishveshvaranand Vedic Reaserch Institute
Swatantrata Aur Sahitya Ratnagar Pandey Freedom And Literature
Kshanda Mhadevee Verma Bhartee Bhandar
Roopambra Schidanand Vatsyayn Bharteeya Jnanpeeth
Mukti Bodh Ka Sahitya Ek Anushilan Dr. Sashi Sharma Indra Prashath Prakashan
Rangey Raghav Granthavlee Dr. Sulochna Rangey Raghav Rajpal And Sons
Shakt-Darshan Aur Hindee Ke Vaishnav Kavi Dr. Surendra Mohan Prsad Anupam Prkashan
Hindi Sewa Ki Sankalpna Vidyaniwas Mishra Pandit Narayan Chaturvedi Prayag
Hindi Upaneyesh: Ek Serveshen Mehendra Chaturvadi Natinoal Publishing House
Upaniyash Samalo9chna Sadbhao Dr Ram Sobhit Prasad Shing Janaki Prakashan
Tar Saptak Ajneya Bharteeya Jnanpeeth Prkashan
Hindi Krishna Bhagti Saahitya Me Madurbhav Ki Upasana Dr. Purnmansi Ray Abhinav Bharti Prakashan
Ugra Aur Unka Sahitya Dr. Ratnkar Pandey Nagripracharni Savha
Matra Vidh Rajendra Yadav Akshar Prkashan Private Limited
Andha Yug Ek Srijnatamk Upalabhdhi Suresh Gautam Sahitya Prakashan
Rajwade Lekh Sangrah Tarkteeth Laxman Shastri Joshi Basant Dev Shivlal Agrawal And Company
History Of Sanskrit Poetics P. V. Kane Motilal Banarsidas
Prasad Ki Dashrnik Prishthbhumi Dr. Jagdish Prasad Srivastv Book Snsthan
Kuchh Khayalo Me Kuchh Khawabo Me Shankar Dayal Shing Prayajat Prakashan
Pacchtya Nibandh Kala Dr. Kailash Chandra Mathur Hindi Samiti Suchna Bivhag
Premchand Ke Jivan-Darsan Ke Vidhayk-Tatv Dr. Krishanchandra Pandey Rachna Prakashan
Dr. Banarsidas Chatirvedi Ke Patra B. Vrindavandas Sahitya Prakashan
Gadha Latika Dr Kalish Prakash Hindi Sahitay Sansar
Dr. Vasadev Nandan Prasad Samrite-Granth Dr. Vasadev Nandni Prakashan
Sant Ganga Das Ke Sahitya Ka Sanskrit Aadhyan Dr. Nitya Kishor Sharma Vivhu Prakashan
Hindi Ke Tilasmi V Jasusi Upanyas Dr. Karshna Majithiya Panchshil Prakashan
Agni Pariksha Kunvar Chandra Prakash Singh Anupam Prakashan
Hindi Ke Natak Kar Visawnath Shing Dr Govinda Lal Chhabara Aabhinab Prakashan
Adhunik Hindi Upanyas Aur Manviy Athrvta Navl Kishor Prakashan Sansthan
Pratikriya Devraj Rajkamal Prakashan
Taraksake Tir Srikrishn Bharatya Jnanapitha Kasi
Naye Kavita: Vilitye Sandrav Gadish Kumar Sanmarg Prakashn
Chhayavad Ki Pransgikita Rameshchandra Shah Radhakrishan Prakashan
Aadhunik Hindi Ka Jivaniparkn Sahity Dr. Shanti Khanna Shukl Prainting Ejainshi
Ugra Ka Katha Sahitya Dr. Madhu Dhar Rajpala And Sans
Shodh Sadhan Kumbar Chandra Prakash Singh Smriti Prakashan
Rangey Raghaw Granth Wali Dr. Sulochana Rangey Raghaw Raj Pal And Sanj
Skriya Kahani Ki Bhumika Rakesh Vats Abhishek Publicationsnj
Jeynenadar Upaniyash Or Kala Dr Vijay Kulsesatha Panchashil Prakashan
Hindi Gadh Kee Pravrtiya Nalin Vilochn Sharma Rajkamal Prakashan
Hindee Ka Naya Sahitya Shastra Dr. Avdhesvar Arun Bihar Granth Kuteer Prkashan
Adhunik Kavita Ke Naye Mulya Dr. Mahendra Kartikeya Vida Prakashan
Vrindavanlal Verma Ke Upnayaso Me Naitikta Dr. Kamlesh Mathur Malik And Cumpany
Aadhunikta Ke Pehlu Dr. Bipin Kumar Agrawal Lok Bharti Prakashan
Kavita Aur Kavita Indranath Mdan Rajkamal Prakashan
Hindi Sahitay Kos Gopal Ray. Devendar Nath Sharama Granth Niketan Patana
Hindi Ke Madhykalin Khandkavy Dr. Siyaram Tivari Hindi Sahity Sansar
Janam Kaid Girija Kumar Mathur Bharatiya Jnanpith Publication
Sahitya Ka Adhar Darshan Dr. Jaynath Nalin Alok Prakashan
Shartchandr: Vyakti Our Kalakar Ilachandr Joshi Aasho Press
Hindi Navratan Ganesh Bihari Misra Ganga Pustakkamala
Aashunik Hindi Upanyaso Me Vstu Vinyas Dr. Sarojni Tripathi Garnth
Nayi Kavita Aour Sarveshwar Ramesh Rishikalp Bhasha Prakashan
Naye Sathitya Ka Tarkashastra Vishwanth Prasad Tiwary As. Ji. Vakani Duara
Adhunik Hindi Upanuyaso Me Svpn Mnovigan Dr. Kaulash Joshi Sashi Prakashan
Madhyakalin Hindi Premakhayno Ke Kathanak Ka Adhyan Hazari Prasad Dwevedi Recharch
Dekha Suna Pda Aokar Shard Sahity Bhndar
Yashpal Hindi Katha Sahity Sureshchrd Tivari Sarssvti Press
Jaunendr Ke Vichar Dr. Bhabharkar Machve Puvirdy Prakashan
Hindi Ke Rajnitk Upanyaso Ka Anushilan Barjbhushn Shinh Aadshr Rachna Prakashan
Vrndavnlal Varma Ka Upanas Sahity Dr. Mohini Sahay Anuprm Prakashan
Hindi Ktha Sahity Ke Vikas Me Mahilpro Ka Yog Dr Urmila Gupta Radhakarishan Prakashan
Savatntyotr Hindi Upanyas Ka Shilp Vikas Dr Radheshyam Koshik Mangl Prakashan
Hindi Katha Sahity Dr. Gopal Ray Garnth Niketn
Hindi Ke Rajnitik Upanyasi Ka Anushilan Brajbhushan Sinh Adshr Rachna Prakashan
Upanyas Samalochna Sandbhr Dr. Ramshobhit Prasad Shinh Janki Prakashan
Urdu Sahity Ka Itehas Dr. Ejaj Husain Rajkamal Prakashn
Shartke Nari Patr Sri Ramsvrup Chturvedi Bhartiy Ganpith
Parsi-Hindi Rangmanch Dr. Lakshmi Narain Lal Rajpal And Sans
Sahitya Kala Dr. Ramanand Tivery Bharatya Pustak Minder
Waah Re Mai Waah Kanhaiya Lal Manik Lal Munsi Kamlesh Raj Kamal Prakashan
Pratyalochan Sri Giridhar Shrma Chturvedi Kishore Vidya Niketan
Bhaktichintan Ki Bhumika Premshanker Sahitya Bhwan Pvt Limited
Utradhyayan : Ek Samichhatmak Adhyan Acharya Tulsi Muni Nathmal Jain Swetambar Terapanthi Mahashabha
Hindi Katha Sahitya Par Sobiyat Kranti Ka Prabhav Dr. Purushootam Bajpai Pustak Sansthan
Pratinidhi Hindi Nibandhakar Dr. Vibhuram Mishra Abhinav Bharti
Kahanikar Bhgvtiprasad Vajpeyee Dr. Govindlal Chabda Aadrsh Sahity Prakashan
Adhunik Hindi Upnyaso Me Prem Ki Prikalpana Vijay Mohan Singh Rachana Prakashan
Kashmir Kriti Shesh Dr. Raghunath Singh Netional Publishing House
Vivechnatamk Aadhyayn Dr. Brahadt Shrma Sarsvati Pusatk Sadan Motikatra
Hindi Ke Laghu Upnyaso Ka Shilp Madhuri Khosla Vijayant Prakashan
The Literary Semantics Of Kalidasa H. L. Shukla Gian Publishing House
Nyee Kavita Me Janjagran Awm Rastiyata Dr. Premi Sachidanand Vishal Publication
Hindi Sahitya Me Nibandh Aur Nibandhkar Dr. Ganga Prasad Gupt Rachana Prakashan
Pandit Balkrishna Bhatt: Vyaktitva Aur Krititva Dr Madhukar Bhatt Balkrishna Prakashna
Hindi Gadh : Shyelei Aur Vidaow Ka Vikash Amar Nath Shinha Bharti Vavan
Mulay Mimasa Gobinda Chandar Panday Rajsathan Hindi Granth Prakadami
Sanskrit Aur Vaidik Sanskriti Dr. Shivdat Sharma Chaturvedi Kla Prakashan
Dr. Nagendra Ki Sahitya Sadhana T. B. Subhalakshmi Bharat Prtakashan Mandir
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Andha Yug Ek Srijnatmak Uplabhi Suresh Gautam Sahitya-Prakashan
Tulanatmak Shod Aur Samecaksha Dr. P. Aadvesher Rao Pragiti Prakashan
Stutikusumanjali Ka Darshanik And Kavyuashastri Anushilan Dr. Vidyarani Agrawal Kanchan Pablication
Hindi Kavay Sasatar Ki Nutan Upalabadhiya Dr Jagadish Shing Dipu Prakashan
Upaniyash Ke Shidhant Ka Vikash Or Vivechana Dr Rita Watqa Pushpa Anjali Prakashan
Sahitya Ki Aatma Dr. Ganpati Chandra Gupta Bhartendu Bhavan
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Hindi-Sahity: Vividh Prasang Matysyendra Sukla Sarvarakesh Prakashan
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Rajsthan Puratan Granthmala Purushotamlal Menariya Rajsthanoriental Research Institute
Mushkil Me Par Gaye Dr. Aatmaram Mishra Grantham
Tulashi Sahitay Badalate Parati Man Dr Chandar Bhan Rawat Jawahar Pushatak
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Bhartiya Natya Parampara Aur Abhinaydarpan Vachaspati Gairola Samvatika Prakashan
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Premchndotar Hindi Upnyas Aur Youn Manovigyan Dr. Kumar Virendra Kinjluk Prakashan
Hindi Gadya Sahitya Ka Ek Sarvechan Dr. Jagdish Chandra Joshi Chinmay Prakashan
Jaunendr Ke Upnyas Ka Mnovauganik Aprdhyayn Dr. Devraj Upadhyay Puvordy Prakashan
Prasad Kavya Ka Naya Mulyankan Dr. Yugeshwar Hindi Pracharak Sansthan
Hindi Gadya Kavya Dr. Padmasingh Sharma. Kamlesh Raj Kamal Prakashan
Sahitya Tatav Aur Alochana Acharya Nalin Vilochan Sharma Kumud Sharma Anupam Prakashan
New Kahani Prakiriti Aur Path Sri Surendr Parivesh Prakashan
Etihasik Upnays Aur Etihasik Romans Dr. Gurdip Singh Khular Reserch Publications In Social Science
Hindi Aur Marathi Ke Samajik Upanyaso Ka Tulnatmk Adhayayn Dr. Chandrkant Mahadev Bandivdekar Karishna Brdrs
Hindi Nibandho Ka Shaligat Adhayan Dr. M. B. Shah Pushtak Sanshathan
Vrndavnlal Verma Ka Upnyas-Sahity Dr. Mohini Shay Aanupma Prakashan
Hindi Krishan Kavya Parmapara Ka Kawrup Vikas Dr. Murarilal Sharma Prem Prakashan Mandir
Hindi Ke Rajnitik Upnayasho Ka Aanushilan Brajbhushan Singh Aadrsh Rachana Prakashan
Hindi Natk: Dr. Krdar Singh Klasikal Publication Coumpny
Shiv Pujan Rachanavali Sri Shivpujan Sahay Bhihar Rashtrabhaha Parishad
Hindavi Bhasha Aour Uska Sahitya Dr. Chhganlal Bholaramji Sahitya Ratnalay
Hindi Ke Prabandhkavya Me Chitran Dr. Prem Kali Sharma Bake Bihari Prakashan
Premchand Our Hrinarayan Aapte Ke Upnyaso Ka Tulnatmak Aadhyayn Dr. Kumari Prmila Gupta Aasok Prakasan
Teen Eaitihasik Natikae Shesah Sooree Bhartiya Jnanpeeth Kashee
Preamchand Ke Upnayaso Me Smsamyik Prisithtiyo Ka Prifaln Dr. Saroj Prasad Rachna Prakashn
Adhunik Hindi Muktak Kavya Men Nari Dr. Savitri Daga Dev Nagar Prakashan
Hindee Kavya Aur Uska Soundrya Dr. Omprkash Bhartee Sahitya Mandir
Hindi Upaniyasha Me Samant Wad Dr Kamal Gupata Aabhinab Prakashan
Yug Ni8mata Divedi Kulawant Kohali Ghora Company
Tis Patro Ka Sansar Dharmendra Gupt Bharti Bhasha Prakashan
Marathi Ka Bhagti Saahitya Proff. V. G. Deshpandey Choukhamba Vidya Bhawan
Hindi Katha-Sahitya Me Ithieash Dr. Lakshminaryan Garg Avanav Bharti Prakashan
Aabhiseyaka Thata Apbharsan Kathakabay Dr Debendar Kumar Sasatiri Bharti Gayan Pitha Prakashan
Ojha Paresh Patra Ki Ojhai Pratap Chandra Chandar Radha Krishna Press
Astitvawaad : Kirkegarde Se Camus Tak Yogendra Shahi The Maccmillan Company Of India Ltd
Hamare Path Pradarshak Bharat Bhushan Agrawal Radha Krishn Prakash
Premchand Chithi Patri Amrit Ray Madan Gopal Hans Prakashan
Bhakti Andolan Aur Aacharya Ramchandra Shukla Bajnath Prasad Vishal Publication
Barudh Ki Sristi Katha Pranav Kumar Bandhopadhya Pandulipi Prakashan
Urdu Alochana Swarup Aur Vikas Dr. Purnmasi Ray Parimal Prakashan
Hindi Kahani Ek Antarang Parichay Sri Upendra Ashk Nilam Prakashan
Himdi Ke Aitihasika Upanyason Men Itihasa-Pra Yoga Dr. Govindji Kalpana Prakashan
Hindi Upnyash Dr. Chandiprasad Joshi Anusndhan Prakashan
Hindi Laghu-Upnyash Ghnshyam `Madhup` Radhakrishan Prakashan
Hindi Upnyash Shiv Narayan Sriwastaw Sarswati Mandir
Karvan Tatha Anya Ekanki Sri Bhuvneshwar Prasad Lok Bhartiya Prakashan
Hindi Lavni Sahitya Par Hindi Sant Sahitya Ka Prabhav Dr. Praymachand Sarswati Pustak Sadan
Hindi Upanyas Ka Prarmbhik Vikas Dr. Kumari Shaulbala Saty Sandn
Sahitya Ka Manovigyanik Adhyan Devraj Upadhyay S. Chand Erad Cumpany
Rajasthani Sahitya Ki Gaurav Purna Parampara Agrachand Nahata Radhakrishna Prakashan
Premachand Ki Kahaniyo Me Gramyjivn Ka Chitrn Sroj Gaur Karun Prakashan
Pratinidhi Sankalan Ekanki Anil Kumar Bhartiya Gyan Pith Prakashan
Katha Sahitya Ke Manovigyan Samiksha Sidhant Dr. Devraj Upadhyay Saubhagya Prakashan
Pravsn Kumar Vandhopadhyay Ki Vishisht Kahaniya   Prnavkumar Vandhopadhayay
Rameshvr Shukal Parnchl Vina Gautm Rajesh Prakashan
Yaspal Our Hindi Katha -Sahity Sureshchandra Tivari Sarsvati Press
Yaspal Our Hindi Katha -Sahity Sureshchandra Tivari Sarsvati Press
Akhyan Sahitya : Prayogik Aur Saidhanitik Dr. Devraj Upadhyay Vashudev Prakashan
Samasaya Mulak Upaniyash Pramchandar Dr Mahendar Bhatanagar Hindi Pracharak Pusatak
Ney Kavita Me Vaukitk Chetna Dr Avdhnarayn Tripathi . Sahityrant Javahr Pustkaly
Hindi Katha Sahitya Gangaprasad Pandey Chowkhamba Vidhya Bhavan
Radha Achary Jankivlalbh Shastri Lokabharti Prakashan
Madhyyugin Hindi Kavi Dr. Girysrn Atmaram Adn Sans
Dev - Sudha Dr. Goverdhnnath Shukla Bhart Prkashan Mandir
Upanyash Tatv Avam Rup-Vigyan Srinarayan Agnihotri Pramod Book Emporiuem
Bhaghwaticharan Verma Ke Upanyaso Me Yughchetna Dr. Vaijnath Prasad Sukla Prem Prakashan Mandir
Dant Katha Shanti Malhotra Bhartiy Gyanpith Prakashan
Hindi Kahani Men Jeevan Mulya Dr. Ramesh Chandra Lavania Amit Prakashan
A Comparative Study Of Hindi And Marathi Social Novels Dr. Chandrakant Kmahadev Bandivadekar Jaikrishn Brothers
Sahitya Sahchar Acharya Hajari Prasad Dwivedi Naivedh Niketan
Vagviticharan Varma Dr. Kusum Washnaey Sahitya Vavan Pr. Ltd
Adhunik Hindi Kahani Samajsastreye Dreste Dr. Raghuvir Shinha Achar Prakashan Pr. Ltd.
Adabhut Aalap Acharya Mahavir Prasad Dwivedi Ganga Pustak Mala Office
Madhya Yugin Sufi Aur Sant Saahitya Dr. Muketeshwar Tiwari Sarsawati Prakashan Mandir
The Meghaduta Of Kalidasa Gopal Raghunath Bharatiya Book Corporation
Kala Aur Aadhunik Prawaritya Ram Chandra Shukla Hindi Samiti Suchna Vivhag
Nai Kavita Shrot Aur Siddhant Dr. Vijay Dwivedi Pargati Prakashan
Sursagar Me Aprasatut Yojana Dr. Beni Bahadur Singh Niraj Prakashan
Khanee: Anubhav Aur Shilp Jainendr Kumar Vijyendra Snatak Poorvodya Prkashan
Hindee Gadh Sahitya Ka Vikas Shram Aacharya Umesh Shastree Devdar Prkashan
Muthi Bhar Kankar Jagdish Chandra Bhartiye Gayan Pith Prakashan
Kavyalochan Kee Smsyaai Dr. Vijendra Narayan Singh Vanee Prkashan
Madhayyugin Ras Darshan Aur Samkalin Saundary Bodh Ramesh Kuntal Megh Radhakrishan Prakashan
Kahani Ki Samvedansheelta: Sidhant Aur Prayog Dr. Bhagwan Das Verma Grantham
Bhavisyattakaha Tatha Apabhramsa-Kathakavya Dr. Devendra Kumar Shashtri Bharatiya Jnanpith
Adhunik Hindi Kavita Me Manovigayan Dr. Urawarsi J. Surit Anusandhan Prakashan
Sahitya Ka Manovaigyanik Adhyayn Devraj Upadhyay S. Chand And Company
Puskarini Mathilishran Gupt Makhanlal Chturvedi Sahity Sadan
Bhartiye Angregi Katha Sahitya Dr. Ramshewak Singh Achhar Prakashan Pvt. Ltd
Bharatya Upanyashon Mi Varn-Kala Ka Tulanatmak Mulyankan Dr. Indra Joshi Binod Pustak Minder
Bhartiya Pathalochna Ki Bhumika Dr. S. M. Katre Madhyapradesh Hindi Granth Academy
Hindi Natk Our Lakshmeenarayan Misra Dr. Babbn Tripathi Hindi Prchrk Sansthan
Manvntr Tarashankar Vandhopadhyay Rajpal And Sans
Kathakar Gyanranjan Ka Rachna Snsar Satyprakash Misra Nai Kahani Prakashan
Kaushik Jee Ka Katha Sahity Sumintra Sharma Sahity Prakashan
Bhrtiy Kavy Sidhant Dr. Nrendr Lokbhrti Prakshan
Hindi Our Malyalmke Natko Ka Tulnatmk Aadhyayn Dr. N. I. Narayanan Javahar Puskaly Mathura
Premchadotr Hindi -Upnayas Our Youn Mnovigyan Dr. Kumar Virendr Kinjlk Prakashn
Mhadevee Ka Gadh Dr. Surya Prsad Deeksheet Radhakrishan Prkashan
Madhyugeen Hindee Sahitya Me Naree-Bhawna Dr. Usha Pandey Hindi Sahitya Sansar
Rekhaeai Aur Chitra Upendranath Ashak Neelabh Prkashan Grih
Samajik Ytharth Aur Ktha-Bhasha Schidanand Vatsyayn Nation Publishing House
Upanyaskar Bhagwatiprasad Vajpei Shilp Aour Chintan Dr. Lalit Shukl National Publishing House
Rajasathaniye Sahitya Ke Sandrbha Sahitya Srikrishan Rukamani Vivah Sabandhit Rajsathani Katye Dr. Purosotam Lal Menariya Mangal Prakashan
Gadhkar Bachchan Jeevan Prkash Joshee Sasmarg Prkashan
Pandit Bal Krishna Bhatt Dr. Rajerndra Prasad Sharma Vinod Pustak Mandir
Svatntyotr Hindi Upnyas Aur Garm Chetna Dr. Gyan Chand Gupt Abhivn Prakashan
Vichar Aur Vitark Dr. Hjaree Prsad Divedee Sahitya Bhawan Private Limited
Hindi Upnyas Ka Parichyatmk Etihas Dr. Pratapnarayn Tndn Vikek Prakashan
Vividh Prsang Premchand Hans Prkashan
Meera Pdavlee Shambhu Singh Pdam Book Company
Hindi Katha Sahity Me Etihas Dr. Lachminarayn Gagr Abhinv Bharti Prakashan
Yama Jaitender Kumar Poorvodya Prkashan
Hindi Karishnbhkti Sahity Me Madhurbhav Ki Upasana Dr. Purnmasi Ray Prabhinv Bharti Prakashan
Aasrmokee Bahnoko Kakasaheb Kalelkar Navnjeevan Prkashan Mandir
Hindi Upanyas Ki Shilp Vidhi Ka Vikas Dr. Karishna Nag Lok Chetna Prakashan
Goswamee Tulseedas Harikrishan Avasthee Prkashan Kendra
Hindi Upanyaso Me Nayk Dr. Kusum Vashey Shodh Sahity Prakashan
Hindi Me Pragtivadi Andolan Ka Alekhatm Etihas Kavrsih Chauhan Neha Prakashan
Bharteeya Sahitya Sri Gaureeshankar Mishra Prwal Prkashan
Premchnd Dr. Jagtnarayn Haukarval Prachrpith Prakashan
Ugr Ka Ktha Sahity Dr . Mdhu Dhar Rajpal And Sanj
Tarngvti Prachayr Padlipt Prapolo Publishin
Aachlikta Se Aadhunikta-Bodh Dr. Bhagwatee Prsad Shokla Grantham
Videy Prasng Amrit Ray Hans Prakashan
Sahity Sidhant Aur Shodh Dr Pranndprakash Dichit Neshnl Publishing House
Pnt Ke Kaby Me Kalpna Ka Katurtv Dr. Brijrani Bhargv Baphna Prakashan
Vagveticharan Varma Ke Upaneyeso Mei Ugchatna Dr. Beyjunath Prasad Shukl Prem Prakashan Mindir
Jaunedr Ke Upnyaso Ka Manogauganik Pradhyayn Dr. Drvrraj Upadhyay Puvordy Prakashn
Mohan Rakesh Sahityak Aur Sanskritek Dristi Anita Rakesh Radhakrishn Prakshan
Hindi Upanyaso Ka Shastriy Vivechn Dr Mhavirml Lodha Roshnlal Jaun And Sans
Adhunik Hindi Alochna Par Pashyat Pravhav Ramchandra Parsad Lokbharti Prakashan
Kahani Ki Sanvedanshilta : Sidhant Aur Prayog Dr. Bhagvandas Verma Grantham
Pandit Balkrishna Bhatt: Vyaktitva Aur Kratitva Dr. Madhukar Bhatt Balkrishna Prakashan
Hindi Katha Sahitya Me Itihas Dr. Laxminarayan Verma Abhinav Bharti Prakashan
Premchnd Puvr Ke Kathakar Aur Unka Yug Dr. Lachmansing Bisht Rachna Prakashan
Hindi Ritibadh Kavyabhasha Ki Kriya Sanracha Dr. Satyanarayan Prakashan Sansthan
Prachin Bhart Ke Achayr Aur Unki Uplbdhiya Dr Natthulal Gupt Chetna Prakashan
Kawshick Ji Ka Katha-Sahitya Sumitra Sarma Sahitya-Prakashan
Sahityarup Dr. Ramavad Devedi Bharti-Vandar
Ugar Ka Katha-Sahitya Dr. Madhu Dhar Rajpal And Sans
Hindi Ke Tilsmi V Jasusi Uapnyas Dr. Karishna Mjothiya Pnchshil Prakashan
Raja Sahab Ki Sreth Kahaniya Dr. Vashudev Nandan Prasad Sri Rajrajeshwari Sahitya Mandir
Adhunik Pashchtya Kavya Aur Smiksha Ke Upadan Dr. Nrendradev Verma Madhya Hindi Granth Akademi
Adhunik Kaviyo Ka Jiwan Darshan Dr. Parshuram Shukal Bihari Grantham
Prasad Ke Natak : Sargnatmak Dharatal Aur Bhashik Chetna Govind Chatak Atmaram And Sans
Gadar Ke Patra Tatha Kahaniya Khawaja Hasan Nijami Acharya Chatusen Shastri Ganga Granthagar
Jainendra Aur Unka Sahitya Dr. Rajendramohan Bhatnakar Bhartiya Granth Niketan
Adhunik Hindi Upnyas Aur Manviya Arthvata Naval Kishor Prakashan Snsthan
Hindi Upnayas Ki Shilp Vidhi Ka Vikas Dr. Krishan Nag Lok Chetna Prakashan
Hindi Ke Pragativadi Upnayas Ek Adhyan Dr. Sushil Kant Sinha Chitralekha Prakashan
Dewevedi Ke Sahityakar Ke Kuch Patra Baijnath Singh Binod Hindustan Acadami
Adhunik Hindi Kahani Sahitya Me Smasamyiki Jiwan Ki Abhivyakti Dr. Premchandra Narayan Sinha Anupam Prakashan
Kalinga War To Universal Peace Manmath Nath Das Hindustan Publishar & Distributors
Bhaktikalin Kavya Me Naika Bhed Dr. Dhuruv Bhatchary Indrapasth Prakashan
Jayvdhrn Ki Pahchan Ramdrsh Mishr Radhakarishan Prakashan
Hindi Upanyas Ka Vikas Aur Nautikata Dr. Sukhdev Shukal Anusndhan Prakashan
Hindi Kacviyo Ki Alochana Sri Krishan Kumar Sinha Rajrajeswary Pustkalay
Mulya. Parampara Aour Kavita Chhvinath Mishra Anupam Prakashan
Kahani Me `Aoutusuky` Ka Anutatv Ramesh Bachhi Sarswati Pustak Sadan
Madhumalti Pun Mulayankan Dr Raj Bhudhiraja Bhumika Published
Mera Dusaman Jkrishan Baladeb Rajkamal Prakashan
Hindee Jain-Bhakti Kavya Aur Kavi Aacharya Kaka Kalelkar Bharteeya Jnanpeeth Prkashan
Hindi Upnyash Me Katha Shilp Ka Vikash Dr. Pratapnarayan Tandan Vidya Mandir Press
Hindi Gugrathi Ke Anchlick Upanyesh Ak Tulanatmak Adhyean Dr. Raj Nagpal Ajanta Prakashan
Hindi Kahani To Dasak Dr Suresh Dhigara Aabhibanab Prakashan
Nepali Aur Hindi Bhakti Kavya Ka Tulnatamak Adhayan Dr. Mathuradutt Pandey Bhartiye Granth Niketan
Etihashik Upnyash Prakriti Avam Swarup Dr. Govind Ji Sahityavani
Samkalin Hindi Kahani Prakratri Aur Paridersi Yadunath Shingh Chitralakha Prakashan
Chhasa Bole Asa Musakay Kanahayalal Misr Bhartiye Gayan Pitha Prakashan
Sheshsmiritiya Raghuvir Singh Pandit Ramchndra Ji Shukl Nagriprachrini Shabha
Aalochna Ki Kudd Nai Dishaai Dr. Ramprasad Misra Pream Prakashan
Hindi Kahani Ra Prakash Dechhak Binod Pusatak Manadir
Kahanikar Prasad Dr Sobha Bisariya Kalpkar Prakashan
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Hindi Ke Etihasik Upanyaso Me Etihas Prayog Dr. Govindji Kalpan Prakashan
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Amir Khusaro Dr. Malik Mohammad Rajpal And Sons
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Krishanveni Shivani Saraswati Bihar
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Naisadhacarita Of Sriharsa Krishana Kanta Handiqul Deccan College
Punnarva Punmuralyankan Dr. Natthan Singh Vibhuti Prakashan
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German Short Stories H. M. Waidson At The University Press
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Silsila Madhuresh Pragati Printers
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Dr. Banarsidas Chatirvedi Ke Patra B. Vrindavandas Sahitya Prakashan
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Dashroopkam Dr. Bholashankar Vyas Chaukhambha Vidyabhawan
Rashtrabhasha Hindi Samasyai Aur Samadhan   Bihar Rashtrabhasha Parishad
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Hindi Sahitya Sodh Aur Samikcha Dr. Krishna Diwakar Delhi Pustak Sadan
Hindi Ke Tilsmi V Jasusi Upanyas Dr. Karishan Majothya Panchshil Prakashan
Suraj Prakas Sri Sitaram Lalas Rajsthan Prachayavidya Pratishthan
Bhosala Rajdarbar Ke Hindi Kavi Dr. Krishan Divakar Nagari Pracharini Sabha
Adhunik Hindi Upnayaso Me Swapan Manovigyan Dr. Kailash Joshi Sandhi Prakashan
New Kahani Aur Pauranik Gath Dr. Ram Sarth Sinh Klasikl Publishing
Upniyash Kar Aashk Chandar Sawar Kan Calashik Published Campany
Adhunikta Bhodh Aur Adhunikidarn Rmeshkuntl Medh Achar Prakashan
Angnaka Panchhi Aur Banjara Man Vidhanivas Misra Bhartiya Gyanpith
Hindi Upanyas Ki Shilpvidhi Ka Vikas Dr. Srimti Aom Shukl Anusndhan Prakashan
Kavi Aur Kavya Sri Santipriya Dwivedi Indian Press Private Limited
Akhari Chatan Tak Mohan Rakesh Bhariya Gayan Prakashan
Hindi Kahani Ki Pratinidhi Kahani Krishan Chandar Sarama Sahitay Darashan Published
Nationalism In Indo-Anglian Fiction Gobinda Prasad Sarma Sterling Publishing Pvt. Ltd
Sahity Chintna Dr. Sarnamshin Shrma Arun Sri Gopalkarsin Kaul
Sahity Sndbr Aur Mulay Ramdarsh Misr Bharti Sahity Mandir
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Hindi Ki New Kahani Ka Mithlesh Rohatgi Shlbh Book House
Laxmi Vahan Parshuram Prabodh Kumar Majumdar Parshuram Ki Dasa Hasya Vyang Kathye
Aadhunik Hindi Katha Sahitya Our Manobgyni Dr. Dev Raj Uppdhya Sahitya Bhavan Plt.
Adhunik Vyengra Ka Srota Aur Savaro Chavinath Misr Kalsikl Publishin
Kala Aur Budha Chand Rashimpadi Kavya Sri Sumintranandan Pant Rajkamal Prakashan
Adhunik Bhartiya Chinatan Viswanath Narvana Rajkamal Prakashan
Upanyaskar Achayr Chtursen Shastri Dr. Endu Vashishth Javahar Book
Bngal Ka Kal Bachachn Rajlpal And Sanj
Sant Dadudayal Aur Madhayakalin Bhakti Dr. Sarad Kumar Mishra Pramod Prakashan
Akta Sri Chandrbli Pande Hindi Sahity Smmelan
Nibndh Prabha Ramrng Sharma Prachy Bharti Prakashan
Sahity Saurbh Banarsidas Chtuverdi Ganmansl Limited
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Kavi Newaz Krit Braj Bhasha Padhanubadh Sakuntla Natak Rajendra Sharma Mangal Prakashan
Ras Siddhant Aapech Aur Samadhan Sundar Lal Kathuriya Aadarsh Saahitya Prakashan
O Ajanma Suno Dr. Vachandev Kumar Hindi Sahity Sansar
Bhaktikalin Hindi Kavio Ka Vatsaly -Chitran Dr. Awdheshwar Arun Bihar Granth Kutir
Swami Ramtirth Aour Unki Kavita Dr. Urwashi Surti Prabhat Prakashan
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Hindi Ke Anchlik Upanyas Aur Unki Shlpavidhi Dr. Adashr Saksena Suyr Prakashan Mandir
Sharchand Chindan V Kala Dr. Indranath Madan Hindi Bhavan
Adhunik Hindi Katha Sahitya Aur Charitra Vikas Dr. Bechan Sanmarg Prakashan
Hindi Upnayaso Me Nayak Dr. Kusum Vashnery Shodh Sahitya Prakashan
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Sahityanushilan Shivdansinh Chauhan Atmaram Erad Sans
Usha Anand Shankar Maghwan Amaravati
Shabd Se Shtabdi Tk Dr. Madhvrav Hindi Akadmi
Nayi Sahitya Ka Sandaravya-Sastra Gaganan Madhav Muktibhod Radhakrishna Prakashan
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Ramchandrika Dr. Ramchandra Tiwaree Sanjay Book Center
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Upanayaskar Upendra Nath Ayeshak Dr. Kuldip Chandra Gupta Panchashil Prakashan
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Yatra Ka Anand Acharya Sri Kakasaheb Kalekar Bihar Rashtrabhasha
Gandhi Wad Ki Ray Parichha Pasapal Pipalaw Karayale
Swachhndatavadi Kavyadhara Ka Darshnik Vivechan Dr. Jagdish Gupt Pragati Prakashan
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Sahitya Ka Marm Aur Dharm Styenndr Chaturverdee Devnagar Prkashan
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Published With The Financial Assistance From The Ministry Of Education Government Of India Dr. Shivcharanlal Jain Alpana Prakashan
Jivn Ka Athr Savathr Mnglannd Sinh Skha Sandn Makrpur
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Sahityamukhi Ramdhari Shingh Dinker Udayachal
Rahnikar Gannrjan Sn Styprakashamisr Nerhani Prakashan
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Mere Bhatkav Jaunedr Kumar Puvordy Prakasha
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Janta Aur Sahity Saulesh Mtiyani Primal Prakashan
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Dream Psychology Of Modern Hindi Novels Dr. Kailash Joshi Sandhi Prakashan
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Sanskriti Manav-Kartratv Kee Kee Vyakhya Yashdev Shlay Prkashak Samajik Bijnan Hindee Rachna Kendra
Kasturi Mirg Dr. Shivprasad Sinh Bhartiy Ganpith Prasashan
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Apra Nirala Lidar Press
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Jalte Aur Ubalte Prasra Maulik Saidhanik Samikshatmak Nibandh Dr. Vishvmbharnath Upadhyay Bohara Prakashan
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Perspectives On Kamala Markandaya Madhusudan Prasad Vimal Prakashan
Surdas Aur Narsingh Maheta Dr. Bhramar Lal Joshi Gurjar Bharati
Chatna Ki Sikha Dinak  
Hindi Kahaniyo Ki Shilp Vidhi Ka Vikas Dr. Laxminarayan Lal Sahitya Bhawan Pranali
Vichar Bimars Sree Chandra Bali Pandy Hindi Sahitya Sammaln
Maeri Kalij Dayri Dhirandra Varma Sahitya Bhavan Plt
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Hindi Aur Telgu Ke Madhayakalin Ram Shahitya Tulnatamak Anushilan Dr. Chawil Suryanarayan Murti Vidya Mandir Press
Tuti-Chhuti Kariyan Harivansh Rai Bachchan Rajpal And Sans
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Kranti Ka Udyadhosh Ganesh Shankar Vidyarathi Ki Kalam Se Srimati Sarala Avashati Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Samarak Shichha Samiti
Bhartiya Saundaryashaastra Ki Bhoomika Dr. Nagendra Natinoal Publishing House
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Lahu Pukarega Simanchal Sabandhi Kahaniya Giriraj Kishor Navbharti Prakashan
Aakalan Aur Shamichha Dr. Sansar Chandra Asha Prakashan Grahi
Kanta Dashri Kavi Tulshi Sri Narayan Singh Hindi Sahitya Samellan
Jenenadar Le Bichar Dr Parabhakar Machawe Puruwoday Published
Shakar Advait Vedant Ka Nirgun Kavya Par Prabhav Shantiswarup Tripathi Ranjeet Printers And Pablishars
Gujarati Ke Shreshat Ekanki Gulab Dass Broker Nilabh Prakashan
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Sharat Smriti Dr. Bsm Murty Animika Prakashan
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Hindi Upanyaso Me Nari Ka Manovaigyanik Vishleshan Dr. Vimal Shstrbudhe Pustak Sansathan
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Sant Kabeer Dr. Rajkumar Verma Sahitya Bhawan Private Limited
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Hindi Upanyash Kosh Gopal Ray Granth Niketan
Hindi Padnatak Sidhant Aur Eytash Sidhnath Kumar Aalok Prakshan
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Lakhima Ki Aanke Raogey Ravar Rajpal And Sans
Sadhanekaran Samprach Aur Pritibadhata Dr. Tarcaknat Bali Binod Pustak Mandir
Hindi Natko Ka Rup Vidhan Our Vastu- Vikas Dr. Chndulal Dube Delhi Pustak Sadan
Prasad Ke Etihasik Natk Dr. Dhanjay Smrti Prakasan
Nibandhadars`a Pt. Girdhara Chaturverdi Choukhamba Sanskrit Series
Uttar Priydrshi Aagey Aakhar Prakashan
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Hindi Ke Tilashmi Jasusi Upanyas Dr. Krishna Majhitiya Panchchil Prakashan
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Jenenadar Le Bichar Dr Parabhakar Machawe Puruwoday Published
Mulay Parampara Aur Kabita Chhavinath Misra Anupam Prakashan
Prasadotar Natya Sahitya Dr. Vijay Bapat Madhya Hindi Granth Akademi
Hindi Bangala Natak Dr Maheshawar Mekamilankamapani Published
Vidyapatik Srigarrika Padak Kavyashastriy Adhyayn Dr. Devendra Jha Anupam Prakashan
Aare Om Prakash Mnehar Chohan Umesh Prakashan
Hindi Ke Swakrit Shodhprabandh Parivardhit Snskaran Udaybhanu Singh Netional Publishing House
Hindi Upaniyashay Ke Nayak Dr Kushum Nayak Shoudh Sahitay Prakashan
Jai Shankar Prasad Ke Etihasik Or Sansakrit Ka Prunushilan Madhuri Bhagapey Bhartiy Vidha Prakashan
A History Of Indian Aliterature Herbert H. Gowen Dd Seem A Publication
Prasadotar Natay Sahitay Dr Vijay Bapat Madhpradash
Nirgun Kavya Par Suphi Prabhav Dr. Rampati Ray Sharma Pustak Sansthan
Hindi Sahitya : Ek Adhunik Pridrsya Sachidanand Vatsayayan Radhakrishan Prakashan
Samkalin Khani Disha Aur Drishiti Sampadk Dr . Dhannjy Abhibykti Prakashan
Chhayawadi Kiviyo Ka Sanskrit Drishtikon Dr. Pramod Sinha Lokbharti Prakashan
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William Wordsworth Selected Poetry Mark Van Doren The Modern Library
Loknatyak Prempra Our Prbrtiya Dr. Mahendra Vanvat Dr. Devilal Samer Bafna Prkashan
Tulshi Ki Rachanao Ka Bhasha Vagayanik Tatha Sashstri Vivichan Dr. Ajit Narayan Singh Bihar Hindi Granth Acadimi
Premchan-Poorv Ke Kathakar Aur Unka Yuga Dr. Lakshaman Singh Bisht Rachna Prkashan
Hindi Naty Sahity Aur Rngmnch Ki Mimanka Kuvr Chndrprkash Sinh Bhartiy Granth Bhandar
Unyaskar Chatursen Ke Naree-Patr Dr. Sootdev Hans Bharteeya Granth Niketan
Hindi Ke Savikrit Shodh Prabandh Uday Bhanu Singh Natioanal Publishing House
Hindi Sahitya Ka Adhunik Yug Acharya Nand Dulare Vajpeyee Vina Prakashan
Drivedi Yug Ka Hindi Kavya Dr. Ramshakal Rai Sharma Anushadhan Prakashan
Vyaktee Vadee Evam Niyativadee Chetna Ke Sandarbh Men Upnyaskar Bhagwateecharan Verma Dr. Rmakant Sreevastva Vanee Prkashan
Gauripriny Natk Shivdt Dr. Srijykantmisr Prakhil Bhartiy Mauthili Sahity Samiti
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English Poerty In The Later Nineteenith Century Ifor Evans Methuen Co& Ltd
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Dr. Shivmangal Singh Suman Vyaktitav Aur Krititav Dr. Surpaneni Shesharatnam Andhra Press University
Hindi Natko Me Naitik Chetna Ka Vikas Pratinayak Ke Sandarv Me Dr. Ramasray Ratnesh Vidhya Bihar
Telgu Natak Aur Rangmanch Dr. Karn Rajeshgiri Rav Abhinav Bharti
Swatantryotar Hindi Sahitya Me Jivan Darshan Dr. Sumitra Tyagi Sahitya Prakashan
Tulsikrit Kvitavali Ka Aanushilan Dr. Bhanukumar Jain Pustak Prachar
Hindi Ke Tilashmi Jasusi Upanyas Dr. Krishna Majhitiya Panchchil Prakashan
Tulsikrit Kvitavali Ka Aanushilan Dr. Bhanukumar Jain Pustak Prachar
Hindi Aur Malyatam Ke Natko Ka Tulnatmak Adhyan Dr. N. I. Narayanan Jawahar Pustkalay
Hindi Aur Gujrati Natya Sahitya Ka Tulnatmak Adhyan Dr. Randhir Upadhyay Netional Publishing House
Savchndatavadi Natak Our Manovigayn Dr. Shivram Mali Pustak Sansthan
Apani Apani Bhumika Samres Vasu Sanjay Book Senter
Hindi Upnayas : Samajik Sandarv Dr. Balkrishan Gupt Abhilasha Prakashan
Ramchndrika Me Natkiya Tatav Ramvinod Tiwari Maya Prakashan
Ebsard Natya Prampara Dr. Ramsevak Singh Akshar Prakashan
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Suryoday Ka Desh Kakashaheb Kalkar Navjivan Prakashan Mindir
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Rajkumar Ki Nattya Kala Surendra Kumar Varma Lok Chatna Prkashan
Kuch Kante Kuch Phul Namrda Prasad Kher Lok Chetna Prakasha
Adhunik Hindi Upanyason Men Vastu Vinyash Dr. Sarojani Tripathi Grantham Publications
Kala Srijan Prakriya Aur Nirala Dr. Shivkaran Singh. Sanjay Book Senter
Sanskrit Natko Me Samaj Chtran Chtra Shrma Meherchand Laxmandas
Kla Aur Snskrit Dumitranandn Pant Book Mahal Praevet Limited
Hindi Akanki: Swarou Aur Visheleshan Dr. Ramesh Tivery Smaritye Prakashan
Aadhunink Nibandhwali Dr. Vidha Niwash Misra Hindi Sahitya Smmalan
Alochna Ki Phisaln Dr. Om Prakash Awasthi Book Snsthan
Sahitya Ki Manyetea Vagvaticharan Varma Hindustani Akademi
Sur Sahitya Aur Siddhanta Yagya Dutt Sharma Acharm
Malik Nath Ki Prampra Ravindra Nath Tygi Lokbharti Prkashan
Yetrae Gireraj Kishor Pajkamal Prakashan
Santkavi Thakur Atmaharsh Vyaktva Aur Kritiatv Dr. Mahendra Narayan Singh Pratima Prakashan
Gangamati Lakshminaryan Lal Pethambar Book Depo
Hindi Samsya Natk Dinanath Pandey Prabhinv Bharti
Bharatendukalin Natak Sahitya Gopinath Tiwriy Hindi-Vavan
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Do Dukhon Ka Ek Sukh Shailesh Matiyanee Kitab Mahal Private Ltd
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Laxami Vahan Parsuram Abhavkti Prakashan
Natak Ke Tatav Shidhant Or Samichha Der Hilalal Dichhik Samiti Prakashan
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Madhkalin Hindi Kabyabhasha Ramsvrup Chturvedi Lokbharti Prakashan
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Udhav Shatak Darshan Dr. Vedprakash Shastri Sarsvati Pustak Sadan
Vaani Sumitranandan Panta Haratiya Jnanapith Publishin
Maithli Sharan Gupta Ka Kavya Sanskritik Adhayan Dr. Asha Gupta Anyapurna Prakashan
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Ojha Niband Sangrah Dr. Gauri Shankar Hirachand Ojha Sahitya Sansthan Rajasthan Vishwa Vidyapith
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Kabir Prampara Gujrat Ke Sandrav Me Dr. Kantikumar Bhut Abhinav Bharti
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Naye Kavita Samvedna Aur Shilp Mahjula Purohit Panchil Prakashan
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Bhartiya Natya Parampara Aur Abhinayadarpana Vachaspati Gairola Sanvrtika Prakashan
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Bhawani Mishara Ki Kavya Yatra Dr. Santosh Kumar Tiwari Bharti Granth Niketan
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Traditions Of Indian Mysticism Nirguna School Of Hindi Poety P. D. Barthwal Heritage Publisheers
Traditions Of Indian Mysticism Nirguna School Of Hindi Poetry P. D. Barthwal Heritage Publishers
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Ashatchhap Ke Kaviyo Ka Bimb Vidhan Dr. Bholadas Rajauriya Abhinav Bharti
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Chayavad Kavya Me Rastiyata Chetna Ravindr Nath Dargan Vani Prakashan
Hindi Natak Samaj Sastry Aadhanna Dr. Sita Ram Jh Syam Bihar Hindi Granth Acadami
Krishnambari Hindi Ka Pratham Chhandmukt Mahakavya Poddar Ramavtar Arun Anupam Prakashan
Kavir Banarsi Dash Dr Ravinadar Kumar Jean Bhartiye Gayan Pitha Prakashan
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Adhunik Ke Manovigyan Dr. Urvershi J. Surti Anusandhan Prakashan
Experience Into Words Essays On Poerty D. W. Harding Chatto & Windus Press
Suradash Pro Narshing Mehata Lalit Kumar Parikha Bor A And Kampani Published
Srimadbhagwat Aur Sursagar Ka Vernay Vishay Ka Tulnatmak Adhyan Dr. Ved Prakash Shastri Sarswati Pustak Sadan
Kambramayn Aur Ramchritmans Dr. Rameshvrdyalu Agrval Kalpna Prakashan
Aaj Ke Rang-Natak Gireesh Karnad Radhakrishan Prkashan
Sahitya Ki Vidhayen Dr. Ramlakhan Shukla Amit Prakashan
Alam Aur Unaka Kavya Dr. Bharat Bhushan Chaudhari Surya Prakashan
Mirabai Jiwan Charit Aur Alochana Dr. Srishan Lal Hindi Sahitya Samellan Prayag
Nai Kavita Aur Pauranik Gatha Dr. Ram Swarth Singh Calasical Publications
Kahani Me Autsukya Ka Anutatva Ramesh Bakshi Sarswati Pustak Sadan
Swantrayotar Gitinatya Dr. Shivshankar Katare Pragati Prakashan
Agyey Ka Kavya Ek Vishleshan Acharya Durga Shankar Misra Hindi Sahitya Bhandar
Mahakavi Hariaudh Aur Priyavas Devendra Sharma Indra Vinod Pustak Mandir
Hindi Kavyashastra Me Sringar Ras Vivechan Dr. Ramlal Verma Shodh Prabandh Prakashan
Bhakti Kavya Ke Mul Strot Durga Shankar Misra Navyug Granthkar
Hindi Natko Me Naitik Chetna Ka Vikas Dr. Ramasray Vidhya Bihar
Sringar Ras Ka Shastriya Vivechan Dr. Rajeswar Prasad Chaturvedi Sarswati Pustak Sadan
Prabodhchadroday Aur Uski Hindi Prampara Dr. Srimati Saroj Agarwal Hindi Sahitya Smelan
Hindi Kavita Me Hasya Ras Saroj Khatra Lokbharti Prakashan
Kahani Me Autsukya Ka Anutatva Ramesh Bakshi Sarswati Pustak Sadan
Ramsnehi Sampraday Dr. Radhika Prasad Tripathi Anand Prakashan
Hindi Raso Kavya Parampara Dr. Suman Raje Grantham
Kavyatmak Bimb Brajnandan Prasad Gyanlok
Kavyaswad Ka Vivechan Krishanbal Radhakrishan Prakashan
Durgadas Dr. Narayan Singh Bhatee The Students Book Company
Bisldev Raso Sahitya Mulyankan Dr. Dijram Yadav Maden Prsad Gupat Anuvav Prkashan
Aalankar Ranu Shilan Dr Raj Wansh Sahay Hira Choramaba Sansakrit Sirij Office
Swabhavikata Aur Adhunik Hindi Kavya Dr. Mathuresh Nandan Kulshrestha Pustak Sansthan
Nei Kavita Snvedna Aur Shilp Mnjula Purohit Pnchshil Prakashan
Samkalin Kavita Ka Pariorcha Dr. Maden Gullati Indrprasth Prkashan
Gujar Jeen Kaviyo Ke Hindi Sahitay Ko Den Dr Hari Prasad Jawahar Pusatak
Dinker Srsthi Our Dristhi Dr. Chotalal Dixet Avilasha Prkashan
Kavya Mimamsa Vidyasbhawan Sanskrit Series Rajasekhara Chowkhamba Vidyabhawan
Aadhuni Hindi Got Kabay Dr Jiwan Prakash Josi Sanmarg Prakashan
Bisavi Sati Ka Singhi Kavino Ka Hindi Me Youg Daan Dr. Dyeal Kotumal Dhameja Anjali Prkashan
Kavivar Pramananddas Our Vllbh Sampraday Govrdhannath Shukl Bharat Prakashan Mandir
Pak Gae Hai Dhup Ram Daras Misar Bharti Gayan Pitha Prakashan
Natya Rachana Bidhan Alochana Prtimaaman Nar Naryan Rai Indrpresth Prkashan
Kabay Ke Abhivyanjanawad Laxminarayan Shudhasu Gayan Pitha Pribate
Adhunik Vyengya Ka Srota Aur Savaru Chavinath Misra Cllasical Publistion
Hindi Upanayas : Samajik Sandrbh Dr. Balkrishan Gupt Aabhilasha Prakashan
Hindi Ka Adhunik Ram Kaby Ka Anusil Dr. Prmlal Gupt Rachna Prkashan
Kashmiri Aur Hindi Suphi Kavya Ka Tulanatmak Adhyaayan Dr. Jiyalal Handu Bharatiya Granth Niketan
Natak Kee Prakh Dr. S. P. Khatri Sahity Bhavan (P) Ltd
Lekhak Ki Haukiyt Ke Shaulesh Matiyani Vikalp Prakashan
Adhunik Hindi Muktak Kavya Men Nari Dr. Savitri Daga Devnagar Prakashan
Dadudyael Jivan Drsen Aur Kaby Dr. Sannaryan Uppahya Prvat Kumar Press
Do Purush Hnskumar Tivari Bharity Ganpith Prakashan
Bhrtiy Kavya Samiksha Me Aauchity Sidhant Ramlakhan Shukal Maikaver India Limited
Ras Didhant Prachep Aur Samadhan Sundrlal Kathuriya Adadhr Sahity Prakashan
Aadhunik Hindi Gotkavy Dr. Jivan Praksh Josji Sanmarg Prakashan
Kavi Ka Rachna Byaper Aursahitya Sastrra Dr. Jai Sanker Tripathi Smrti Prkashan
Sri Ramayvdashrnm Ak Mulyankn Dr. Pi . As. Vamdev Sanjy Book Sentr
Chhayavad Hindi Kavya Ki Samajik Aur Sanskritik Prishthbumi Dr. Kamla Prasad Pandey Rachana Prakashan
Asthanpana Ramesvr Sharma Astey Prakashan
Bhagvan Manu Ttha Aany Ekanki Lakshminarayan Mishr Aatma Ram And Sans
Kahani : Pravirti Aur Vishleshan Dr. Surendra Upadhyay Netional Publishing House
Kavita Aur Hindi Kavita Sri Naresh Hindi Sahity Sasar
Govind Ramayan Vinod Kumar Sanmarg Prakashan
Dinakar Ke Kaby Me Rashtriy Bhavna Sunit Lachminarayan Agrawal
Makhan Lal Chutrwadi Sasavv Aur Kishor Rshi Koosik Baruya Bhartiya Gyain Pheet
Tamil Aur Hindi Ke Kavyashastro Ka Tulnatmak Adhyan N. V. Rajgopalan Arya Book Dipo
Kavita Aur Hindi Kavita Sri Naresh Hindi Sahitya Sansar
Maithlisharan Gupt Ka Khari Boli Ke Utkarsh Me Yogdan Dr. Sahdev Verma Adarsh Sahitya Prakashan
Prasad Ki Kavitaye Sudhakar Pandey Aradhana Prakashan
Chandayan Mataprasad Gupt Pramanik Prakashan
Hindi Krishn Kavya Dr. Sudha Chatuvedi Shabdagar
Muktibodh Ke Alochana Sidhant Pushplata Rathaur Panchshil Prakashan
Samkalin Kavita Par Ek Bahas Jagdish Narayan Srivastav Chitralekha Prakashan
Adhunik Hindi Kavita Me Duruhata Dr. S. Vasanta Vani Prakashan
Agey Ki Kavya Chetna Dr. Krshan Bhavuk Ashok Prakashan
Adhunik Marathi Sahitya Ka Pravirtimulak Itihas Pro. Suryanarayan Ransubhe Grantham
Adhunik Hindi Kavya Me Prativad Dr. Chandrakala Mangal Prakashan
Ek Yug : Ek Dristi Dr. Matsayendra Shukal Sahityalochan
Kavyaguno Ka Shastrya Vivechana Dr. Shobhakant Misra Bihar Hindi Granth Academi
Prachin Hindi Sahitya Yagdat Sharma Sahitya Prakashan
Laxit Muktibodh Motilal Verma Vidarthi Prakashan
Uttarramcharitam ` Rampratap Tripathi Lokbharti Prakashan
Kabyno Gunuoo Sastriya Bivachan Dr. Sovakant Mishra Bihar Hindi Granth Aacdami
Hindee Kavya Men Niyativad Dr. Ramgopal Sharma Dinesh Kitab Mahal Privat Limited
Prasad Kavy Ka Naya Mulyankan Dr. Yugeshvar Hindi Pracharak Sansthan
Hindee-Jain-Sahitya Prisheelan Shree Nemichandra Shastree Bharteeya Jnanpeeth
Hindi Natak Mulay Sakmaran Dr Giriraj Sharma Sanghi Prakashan
Ramsnehee Samprday Radhika Prsad Tripathee Aanand Prkashan
Naresh Mehata Ka Kabya Vimarsh Aur Mulyankan Prvaker Shrma Panchsil Prkashan
Aatmjayi : Chetna Our Shilp Vijay Sharma The Maikmilan Compny Of India Limited
Nat6ay Charan Vidhan Aalochana Kaparati Man Nar Narayan Ray Endar Prasatha Prakashan
Madhyuygin Kaby Sadhana Ramchadr Tivari Vishvidyalay Prakashan
Sant Kavi Dadu Aur Unka Panth Dr. Vasudev Sharma Shodh Prabdh Prakashan
Prare Yayawar Rahega Yad Hiranand Vatay Saran Sarwasti Prees
Ramsnehee Smparday Radhika Prsad Tripathee Aanad Prkashan
Ras Siddhant Aapeach Aur Samadhan Sundar Lal Kathuriya Adarsha Sahitya Prakashan
Kavy Pothika Ram Chandar Dev Radhakrishan Prakashan
Philahal Ashok Bhajapay Raj Kamal Prakashan
Makhan Lal Chaturbedi Dr Ranjan Sanjay Prakash
Amir Sukharo Dr Malik Mohamat Rajpal And Senj Kasamir Get
Mathali Saruan Gupt Aur Waltol Ka Tulnatmak Aadhyan K. S. Manni Nactionl Publising House
Savchchandtavadi Natk Our Manovigyan Dr. Shivram Mali Pustak Sansthan
Aadhunikta Ke Pahloo Dr. Vipinkumar Aggarwal Lokbhartee Prkashan
Hindi Ke Adhunik Ram Kavya Ka Anushilan Dr. Paramlal Gupt Rachana Prakashan
Bhartendu Aur Any Sahyogi Kavi Kishorilal Gupta Hindi Prachark Book
Hindi Sokgeet Prempra Aur Prtikalin Nrbdeswer Rio Abinav Bharti Press
Lambee Kavitao Ka Rachna Vidhan Dr. Narendra Mohan The Macmillan Company Of India Limited
Hindi Sahitya Ke Antarkathaiyen Sri Bhola Nath Tiwari Kitaba Mahal Pvt Ltd
Hindi Ekankiyoyu Me Samajik Jivan Kee Aabhivyakti Dr. M. Ke. Gadgil Pustak Sansthan
Kabaya Rachna Prkriya Dr. Kumar Bimal Biohar Hindi Granth Acadami
Prasad Ki Darshanik Pristhabhumi Dr. Jagdish Prasad Srivastava Pusatk Snsthan
Kavita Kee Vaicharik Bhumika Dr. Narendr Mohan Indrprasth Prakashan
Bachan : Vyaktitav Aur Kavitv Jeevan Prkash Joshee Sonsmarg Prkashan
Nayi Kavita Udvava Aur Vikas Dr . Ram Bachan Rio Bihar Hindi Granth Acdami
Pant Kavya Me Saundrya Bhavana Dr. Annapureddy Sriramreddy Vidya Mandir Hindi Book Centre
Krihnambree Poddar Ramavtar Arun Anupam Prkashan
Prbandh-Padm Mahakavi Nirala Prkashak Shree Dularelal Bhargav
Aadhunik Hindee Natak Dr. Gireesh Rastogee Grantham
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Nai Kahani Uplabdhi Aur Simaye Dr. Gordhan Singh Sekhawat Rama Publishing House
Prasad Kabya Mein Vav-Wanjana Manovagyanik Vivichana Dr. Nagendra Anuradha Prakashan
Parda Uthao ! Parda Girao ! Sh. Upendra Nath Ashk Nilabh Prakashan
Udasi Sampradaya Aur Kavi Sant Ren Dr. Scchdanand Sarma Mathyel Sahitya Sadan
Padhamkar Vyakti Kabya Aur Yug Dr. Umashankar Shukl Vashumati
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Natakkar Bhartendu Ki Rangparikalpna Dr. Satendra Kumar Taneja Bhartiya Bhasha Prakashan
Andhakar Balkrishan Bhatta Sri Gopal Purohit Hindi Sahitya Samaj
Chhayavado Kavyo Ka Kabyadarsh Dr. Krishn Chandra Gupt Anupam Prakashan
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Sanskrit Sukavi Samiksha Baldeva Upadhyaya Chowkhamba Vidyabhawan
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Shodh : Pravidhi Aur Prakiriya Dr. Chandra Rawat Dr. Ram Kumar Khandewal Jawahar Pustkalay
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Girija Kumar Mathur Nayee Kavitake Priprekshy Me Vijay Kumari Aabhinav Prakashan
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Valt Vihatman Aur Unka Sahitya Manohar Prabhakar Devnagar Prakashan
Rashtriyta Aur Hindi Natak Dr. Vibhuram Misrsa Rachana Prakashan
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Udayshnkar Bhatt: Vyaktiv Our Sahitykar Bakebihri Bhtnagar Aatmaram And Sans
Chitrbilas Dr. Bhartbhushan Chaudhri Savstik Sahity Sadan
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And Indrajit Pratibha Agrawal Rajkamal Prakashan
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A Concise History Of Classicalsanskrit Literature Gaurinath Sastri Motilal Banarasidass
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Aadhunik Hindee Prgeet: Sangeet Tatv Vimla Gupta Nagreeprcharinee Sbha
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Kabir Sahitya Chintan Acharya Parsuram Chiturvadi Smarity Prakashan
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Dev Granthi Laxan Granth Laxmidhar Malviya Naetional Publishing House
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Original Sanskrit Texts On The Orgin And History J. Muir Orientel Publisheres & Distributors
Iti Poetry Dineshnandini Rajpal And Sanj Kashori Get
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Do Purush Tarashankar Vandhyopadhyay Bharteeya Jnanpeeth Prkashan
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Kavyabhasha Dr. Siyaram Tiwari M
Realism Damian Grant Methen & Co Ltd
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Shrngar Ras : Bhavna Our Vishleshsha Rmashadnkar Jitli Rajsthan Hindi Granth Aakadmi
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Teen Aitihasik Natikaen Shershah Sooree Bhartiya Jnanpeth
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Hindi Sahity Me Ashtchapi Aur Radhavllbhiy Kavay Dr. Ramchramlal Shrama Javahr Pustkalay
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Anath Ransharan Gupta Sahitya Sadan
Samvedna Ke Bimb A Criticism On Hindi Poetry And Short Stories Dr. Rajanand Bisso Ka Chauk
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Prarambhik Awadhi Vishvnath Tripathi Radhakrishan Prakashan
Van-Vaibhav Srimaithlisharan Gupta Sahitya-Sadan
Chhayavadotar Hindi Prabandh Kavyu Ka Sanskritik Anushilan Dr. Vishvambhar Dayal Avasthi Sarswati Prakashan Mandir
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Madhyakalin Dr. Omprakash Hindi Sahitya Sansar
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Hindi Natak Ki Rup Rekha Dashrath Jha Hindi Sahitya Sansar
Hindi Ekanki Swaroop Aur Vishleshan Dr. Ramesh Tiwari Smriti Prakashan
Rangpanchalik Aur Do Natak Puroshotam Shivram Rege Bharatiya Gyanpith Prakashan
Govinda Dass Granth Wali Govind Dass Bharti Vishav Prakashan
Yachh Gan K. Shiv Ram Karant Radha Krishan Prakashan
Hindi Upanyas Sahitya Ka Sanskrit Adhyan Dr. Ramesh Tiwari Rachana Prakashan
Ramkavya Ki Bhumika Dr. Jagadish Prasad Sharma Grantham
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Prteek Darshan Dr. Veerendra Singh Mangal Prkashan
Vaushnv Bhakti Andolan Ka Adhayayn Dr. Malik Mohamamd Rajpal And Sanj Kshmiri Get
Nanda Dash Vichar Rak Rashik Kalakar Rupnarayan Radha Krishan Prakashan]
Malvikagnimitra Shree Govindh Jhaa Maithilee-Sahitya -Prishad
Bhartiya Swatantray Andolan Aur Hindi Sahitya Dr. Kritilata Hindustani Ekedmi
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Glossry Of Literary Words Dr. Premnarayan Tandan Hindi Sahity Bhandar
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Short Kut Ki Sansakrit Keshachandar Verma Bharti Gayanpith Prakashan
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Chintam Ke Naye Ayam Dr. Hardvari Lal Sharma Parimal Prakashan
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Valt Vihtmaun Aur Unka Sahity Mahohr Prabhakr Devnagr Prakashan
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Punya Parv Sri Siyaramsharan Sahity-Sadan
Bhumija Sarvanand Bhartiy Gyanpith
Adami Ka Jahar Laxmikant Varma Bharatiya Gyanpith Prakashan
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